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The GoJ is committed to partnering with an experienced private sector investor with proven experience in the aviation sector to operate, finance, develop and maintain the NMIA under a long term concession agreement (the “Project”). The GoJ, together with the Development Bank of Jamaica (“DBJ”), the GoJ’s Privatization Agency and PPP Unit, and the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”), a member of the World Bank Group, as its Lead Advisor, are now in the process of restructuring the transaction. An invitation for prequalification applications is expected to be launched by early December 2016.

The Project will be presented at the Global Airport Development (“GAD”) conference in Lisbon, Portugal on November 30, 2016. Representatives from the GoJ and transaction team will be available for individual meetings with investors at the GAD conference. Any party interested in a meeting to further discuss this investment opportunity is welcomed to arrange a meeting session by contacting Denise Gallimore of the DBJ at, with a copy to IFC at and

Any questions or clarification requests on the Project should be addressed to, with a copy to IFC at and